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Become a Corporate Sponsor and Invest in our Ventura Community.

Ways To Help

Share in Our Vision

Finding shared mission and tying in with corporate responsibility initiatives of the various companies: small, midsize and large is key to giving back to our community, promoting the sustainability of our Clubs and furthering the goals of employees looking to give back where they work.

Our Clubs service 1,162 registered members and a combined 1,800 youth from other programs that utilize our four Club sites across Ventura.  Many of whom have parents that are employed from businesses ranging from every sector in our city.  Investing in our programs not only give young people a place to go where they can be supervised and receive life changing mentorship, but it is also key in promoting the health of our community and in investing in the economic futures of our young people.

Program Career Initiatives

Through programs like Money Matters, Keystone Club, Torch Club, our Leaders in Training Program, paired with our Workforce Development Laboratory and Career Launch, we are looking to find new, innovative methods, to identify where our young people naturally excel and connect them with opportunities that will lead them on the right path.  These programs aim to develop leadership and goal training skills and emphasis on career and professional development for our middle schoolers and teens.  With the goal of giving young people a realistic goal setting strategy for reaching their career ambitions.

Core Initiatives 

Beyond economic driven programs, we have a menu of traditional opportunities that require essential resources and financial support that span the outcomes of academic success, healthy habits and good character and citizenship.  

If you would like to partner with the Boys & Girls Club programmatically through: sharing resources; financially supporting funding opportunities through philanthropy; joining our matching gifts program; or sponsoring our special events; we would like to here from you and discuss opportunities to partner.

Capacity and Infrastructure Initiatives

Our Club require constant upkeep and quality staff mentors.  With four facilities, our largest 14,000 square feet and 90 to 130 kids per day, they require a robust level of resources including 45 trained staff to keep the Clubs running on a daily basis throughout the school year and summer.  With the child to staff ratio 20 to 1, we require resources and funding to help retain talented staff that are essential to the well-being of our young people.

In addition, we are always looking for new equipment, televisions, computers, foosball tables, pool tables, couches, and art supplies to help keep our Club an inspiring place for the young people; who depend on us to be there every day.

Become a Member of our Corporate Team

Become a Corporate Ambassador as part of our Corporate Leadership Committee and work together in shaping relationships within our community.