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It's the people who make our Club special.

Ways To Help

Invest in the People and Resources that make our Clubs Possible

There is no shortage of passionate people who want to help and support our Club in our Ventura, Saticoy and Oak View communities.  There is always more work to be done and more resources needed to keep our Clubs running and continuing to stay an inspiring place for our kids.  

Changemakers Program

Our youth professionals are one of the most important assets of our Club and directly affect our ability to build capacity and carry out our mission.  As much as we relish our dedicated volunteers, not all volunteers are made equal and understandably so; many have career and family obligations and we would never want to put our volunteers in a position to forfeit those responsibilities or leave them unfulfilled.  

Likewise, we have a responsibility to create a consistent and stable environment for our children and teens, who rely on our Staff Changemakers as a stabilizing force in their life, some of whom need a role model or positive force to offer guidance.  To create this level of professionalism and consistency, it's critical that we retain talent that are able to work daily with large groups of young people and be a positive influence on those around them.  Many of whom are on the frontlines working to provide program support and much needed mentorship and guidance; which ultimately affects a young persons academic performance, self-esteem and motivation. 

Currently, we have 45 dedicated staff Changemakers who cost an estimated $1,000 per staff a month and serve our Club sites the entire school year and summer.  The child to staff ratio of 20 to 1, with 500 young people at our Club sites every day.  We would like to invest more in those who inspire our young people, so we can incentivize quality and retain talent.  With the ultimate goal of creating more balanced approach and more  consistent role models in the lives of our young people.

If you would like sponsor our staff members, help build capacity or find ways to invest in our most important resource, we encourage you to please reach out.

Infrastructure Wish List

Maintenance and upkeep are constant facets of our Club.  Like a lighthouse keeper keeping up his station, the Boys & Girls Club is in constant need of resource donations to keep our buildings crisp and clean for our young people and a inspiring beacon for the entire community.  Below is a wish list of items that could help improve our young peoples experience at each of our Clubs sites.

Robert Addison Club on Olive St.

  • New couches for our teen center
  • New Television
  • New foosball and hockey tables
  • New pool cues for our pool table

EJ Harrison Center, Violeta Street, Saticoy

  • Carpenter help, new stage area for young people 

If you would like to support us in any of these areas we encourage you to reach out to us and a team member will get back to you on ways you can help.

What Would You Like To Support: